Format of the monthly meetings

Meeting date, time and location

The date, time and location of the regular monthly meetings is shown here.

What happens at the meetings

Meetings are in the evening and the tone is friendly and informal. About 20 to 30 people attend each meeting and include women as well as men. No invitation is required; anyone is welcome to simply turn up.

At the meetings a wide range of topics are discussed. New attendees are invited to inform the group of their interest and matters of concern to them. However, if they prefer, new attendees and interested companions are welcome to simply come along to listen in.

Discussion topics

Discussion covers a range of topics including:
  • risk factors for prostate cancer
  • indicators and detection of prostate cancer (e.g. through PSA testing, DRE, biopsy)
  • treatment options and their availability
  • pre-treatment preparation
  • post-treatment care and rehabilitation
  • management and remediation of any post-treatment side effects (e.g. incontinence or erectile dysfunction)
  • possibility and likelihood of recurrence of prostate cancer after treatment
Guest speakers

From time to time people who have a special expertise in a matter of interest are invited to address the meeting. The speakers who are scheduled for future presentations are shown

Meeting on 21 September 2011 at which urologist Dr Ahmad Al-Sameraaii discussed alternative surgical methods for treatment of chronic incontinence:

And a picture of a presentation on exercise for older adults - by Helen Palethorpe of the YMCA to the 21 July 2010 meeting:

Pictures taken at other meetings are