Regular meetings

Regular monthly meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, except in December when there is no meeting. Meetings generally last for about two hours, including tea and coffee at the end of the meeting. All men and women are welcome to attend our meetings - members, non-members, carers, friends, ‘just interested’, etc. No need to ask about attending - simply turn up! The meeting location is shown here.

Next monthly meeting

Our next monthly meeting will be held on Wednesday 15 May 2019. There will be no guest speaker at this meeting. Instead there will be plenty of time for discussion about various aspects of members’ prostate cancer experience and journeys. All men and women are welcome to attend the meeting - members, non-members, carers, friends, ‘just interested’, etc. Time: 6:30 pm for meeting starting at 7:00 pm. Full details about time and location are on this page.

If you want to talk to someone before the date of the meeting please contact our President or Secretary
- see details here

What happens at the meetings

Meetings are in the evening and the tone is friendly and informal. About 20 to 30 people attend each meeting and include women as well as men. No invitation is required; anyone is welcome to simply turn up.

At these meetings a wide range of topics are discussed in an informal, friendly atmosphere. Those present include men who have undergone the most common treatments for prostate cancer, and their partners.  They are willing to discuss their experiences and views with you and to offer support during the diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation phases.

Discussion topics

Discussion covers a wide range of topics including:
  • risk factors for prostate cancer
  • indicators and detection of prostate cancer (e.g. through PSA testing, DRE, biopsy)
  • treatment options and their availability
  • pre-treatment preparation
  • post-treatment care and rehabilitation
  • management and remediation of any post-treatment side effects (e.g. incontinence or erectile dysfunction)
  • possibility and likelihood of recurrence of prostate cancer after treatment

At most meetings people who have a special expertise in a matter of interest are invited to address the meeting.
Such people include urologists, radiologists, medical oncologists, physiotherapists, prostate cancer nurses, exercise specialists and others. Past speakers and the matters that they addressed can be noted here.

We also welcome attendance at the meeting by people who have not been diagnosed as having prostate cancer. That includes, for instance:
  • men who have not yet been diagnosed as having prostate cancer and their partner/carer
  • men who may have a high risk of developing prostate cancer
  • men or women who simply want to learn more about prostate cancer or about our work
  • people who are health workers (doctors, nurses, health administrators, etc.) or work in a health-related area

At meetings, new attendees are invited to inform the group of their interest and matters of concern to them. However, if they prefer, new attendees and interested companions are welcome to simply come along to listen in.

At the end of each meeting, coffee, tea and cake are available, providing the opportunity to network with people who can provide information and views about matters of specific interest to you.

coffee1 coffee2

You do not need to be invited to attend - simply turn up at any meeting and you and your partner/carer will be made welcome.

We also hold regular monthly coffee and chat mornings at 10:00 am on the second Tuesday of each month (except January). See this page for details about coffee and chat mornings.