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Cancer Council Australia

An informative 72-page booklet entitled
Understanding Prostate Cancer - a guide for people with cancer, their families and friends is published by Cancer Council Australia. That booklet can be downloaded from here: A copy is also available through this link on our web site.

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA)

The PCFA publishes a number of informative booklets relating to diagnosis, treatment and side effects of prostate cancer.
These booklets are in sets relating to: Localised prostate cancer; Advanced prostate cancer; Gay and bisexual men; Younger men; Partners and carers. They can be read online through links that can be accessed here: or here: A good starting point for information about prostate cancer, diagnosis and treatment is to browse the content of booklets for Localised prostate cancer. These booklets can be downloaded directly from our web site here:
You can order printed copies of such booklets in printed or USB card format. To do that fill in and submit the PCFA's order form here: or call 1800 220 099 or email

Other informative PCFA booklets providing further detailed information can be downloaded from here: They cover these topics: maintaining wellbeing, understanding surgery for prostate cancer, brachytherapy, hormone therapy, urinary problems, sexual issues and bowel disturbance.

This page on the PCFA web site provides access to other publications and resources:

PCFA Online Community

The PCFA website is a rich source of information about prostate cancer diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. In particular, information available through the PCFA Online Community pages will be of interest. The information is available through a Community Forum, a Research Blog, a Video Gallery and Community News and Views. To access such information the viewer needs to register through this page: by clicking on the "Click here to Join Now" icon.

Cancer Voices NSW - Prostate Cancer Management Options (2016).
A copy can be downloaded from our web site here.

Prostate cancer - your guide to the disease, treatment options and outcomes (3rd edition), 2010. Author: Associate Professor Prem Rashid. Comprehensive (307 pages) coverage of prostate diseases, diagnosis of prostate cancer, treatment options, post-treatment care, etc. Very readable. Publisher: Uronorth Group, Port Macquarie. Available from here where the chapter titles and sample pages from the book can be previewed. Also available from The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia - see this page. Cost $40 including postage.

uide to surviving prostate cancer (2nd ed.) (2007). Author: Patrick C Walsh and Janet F Worthington. Publisher: Grand Central Publishing. Very comprehensive book with similar coverage to Rashid's, albeit a little out of date now. Available through Amazon and other book sellers (cost about $30).

What women & their men need to know about prostate cancer
(2nd edition), (2007). Author: Irena Madjar and Gail Tingle. Not as comprehensive a book as that of Rashid, but has a similar (but less detailed) coverage. Very readable. Just as worthwhile a read for men as it is for women. Publisher: Prostate Survival Alliance Inc. Available from The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia - see this page. Cost $15.

Webcasts relating to prostate cancer, produced by the
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.