What treatment for prostate cancer is appropriate?

So, how do you choose? - A guide for men and their partners on how to choose a treatment option for prostate cancer (2008). Author: Phillip Stricker. Publisher: St. Vincent’s Prostate Cancer Centre, University of New South Wales. DVD available from: http://www.menshealthmatters.com.au Cost: $15.

So, I have Prostate Cancer, what now: a guide for men and their partners living with prostate cancer. DVD published by Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia Available from the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia - see this page. Cost: $15

Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer (2011). Dr Michael Izard. Address to Sydney Adventist Hospital Prostate Cancer Support Group by on 14 February 2011. Provided to us by the PCFA. Our review: This DVD contains a most engaging and informative lecture by Dr Izard on radiation therapy. Rather than delivering a lecture prepared in advance, in the beginning he asks members of the audience to nominate the topics on radiation therapy which they want him to talk about. Dr Izard then addresses the nominated topics while interacting with the audience constantly. The result is a lively and a highly enlightening and useful lecture. Viewers of the DVD will learn a lot about advances in radiation therapy, different types of radiation therapies, side effects of those therapies, and ways and means of minimising the side effects.

New Advances in the Treatment of Advanced Prostate Cancer (2011). Associate Professor Manish Patel. Address to Sydney Adventist Hospital Prostate Cancer Support Group by on 24 October 2011. Provided to us by the PCFA. Our review: Dr Patel defines the various forms of advanced prostate cancer and outlines various treatments. These included radiotherapy (external beam radiation and high dose rate brachytherapy), a prostatectomy (after failed radiotherapy), hormone therapy and chemotherapy. He deals with various approaches to treating a variety of advanced cancers. He works through the diagnosis of the advanced cancer, options for treatment, measuring the effectiveness of treatment, side effects and their management and life expectancy. The coverage is very comprehensive and covers very recent innovations in treatment. It is an excellent presentation which can be readily understood by lay persons and yet covers the topic in great depth. It is worthwhile listening to the question and answer session. Highly recommended.

Hormone Refractory Prostate Cancer (2011).  Associate Professor Gavin Marx.  Address to Sydney Adventist Hospital Prostate Cancer Support Group on 28 November 2011.  Provided to us by that group.  It is summarised in that group's newsletter of March 2012 and reproduced in the April 2012 issue of our group's newsletter 'The Walnut', which can be downloaded from this page on our web site.  Our review:  In his address Dr Marx presents a wealth of information about the status of research into treatments that are directed at Hormone Refractory Prostate Cancer (otherwise known as Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer).  The DVD is well worth viewing because in addition to the information provided in the printed summary that is available in newsletters, Dr Marx provides an invaluable perspective on matters such as:  the direction that research is taking; the limitations of looking only at 'median' differences in research results; the importance of matching treatment modalities with individual patients - taking into account their characteristics, history, progress and circumstances; side effects and their management; evaluation of progress; information used in determining the selection and/or continuation and/or switching of  treatments; ethics relating to participation in clinical trials; importance of clinical trials and how to get into them; and the importance of a multi-disciplinary team approach.  Dr Marx's presentation is a model of clarity, but at the same time achieves an impressive breadth and depth of coverage and it is presented in a way that is easy to understand.  The DVD is exceptionally informative and is highly recommended.