Erectile dysfunction

Prostate Cancer Rehabilitation (2011) - Urologist Dr Phillip Katelaris and Physiotherapist Ms Taryn Katz, of the Prostate Cancer Rehabilitation Centre. Address to Sydney Adventist Hospital Prostate Cancer Support Group on 27 June 2011, entitled "Prostate cancer Rehabilitation Centre & AUA Update". Provided to us by the PCFA. Our review: After prostate cancer treatment the patient may suffer from its side effects. Three common side effects are (a) urinary incontinence, (b) impotence and (c) anxiety and depression. These side effects have the potential to ruin the quality of life of not only the patient but also of his partner. In this DVD, Dr Katelaris and Ms Katz explain in detail each of these side effects and alternative remedies. For devising a remedial program for a patient, they recommend a multi-disciplinary team approach by specialists in urology, physiotherapy and psychotherapy/sex therapy. They also suggest that some of the remedial steps need to be planned or commenced before treatment. Towards the end of the DVD, Dr Katelaris outlines the latest thinking of world's leading experts on treatment of prostate cancer, gleaned from his participation in recent conferences of American Urological Association (AUA). The presentation is of excellent quality, sprinkled with good humour and at times some frank imagery, the latter being suitable for adults only. Men considering treatment for prostate cancer and those who have side effects from treatment, will find the DVD highly informative and rewarding. Essential viewing.
Saving your sex life - a guide for men with prostate cancer (2008). Author: John P Mulhall. Publisher: Hilton Publisher. Available through Amazon. Cost about $54 USD. The first half of the book discusses a number of issues that men diagnosed with prostate cancer should consider before undergoing treatment including discussing the likely outcomes for sexual performance. It lists important questions that men should ask their doctor(s) and the need for a second opinion if not happy with the answers. The second half of the book covers many issues relating to sexual function following surgery/hormone therapy/radiation etc and is an excellent reference for men undergoing treatment for prostate cancer. It is also a useful reference for their partners.

TreatED: prostate edition
. Publisher: The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and Impotence Australia. Download free booklet from PCFA or Impotence Australia as a 760 MB PDF file in English and other languages.

Sex after treatment for prostate cancer. Publisher: Cancer Council Queensland. Download free booklet as a 1 MB PDF file from the Qld. Cancer Council site here or from our site here.

Fact sheets available on the Impotence Australia web site. These cover a wide range of topics including a description of problems and causes, and therapies (drug, injections, penile implants, vacuum pumps).

Webcasts - Erectile dysfunction and penile rehabilitation. Webcast presentations by Dr John Mulhall - Director of Sexual and Reproductive Medicine, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York.
Webcast presentation on Erectile dysfunction management by Associate Professor Prem Rashid. Note: this webcast is one of a series sponsored and produced by Coloplast Pty Ltd which markets a three-piece penile implant. Information about the different types of penile implants is on the Impotence Australia web site.

Webcast presentation on
Erectile dysfunction by Dr. Hodo Z Haxhimolla. Note: this webcast is one of a series sponsored and produced by Coloplast Pty Ltd.