Diet, supplements and prophylactic drugs

Diet, Supplements and Lifestyle Changes for Patients with Prostate Cancer (2012 and 2013). Dr Joe Enis. Our review: On 10 March 2012 Dr Joe Enis - a retired neurologist - gave this presentation to the NSW/ACT Prostate Cancer Support Group Chapter Conference in Tamworth, NSW. The presentation is comprehensive, being the product of a great deal of literature research and is extremely informative. Its coverage is impressively broad and packed with information that will be of great interest to prostate cancer patients. The quality of the audio on this DVD is very poor. However, the creators of the DVD have used a split screen technique to display the presenter on one-half of the screen and the slides that he is referring to on the other half. In spite of the poor sound the presentation is evaluated overall as being essential viewing. It should be noted that while the presentation includes recommendations about diet and a number of supplements that might be taken, our Group is unqualified and unable to evaluate the effectiveness of such diets or supplements that are recommended or to identify any risks that may be associated with adopting the recommendations. Therefore it is essential that you seek advice and supervision from medical professionals prior to adopting any of the recommendations. The slides used in the presentation (with some editing made by the reviewer to expand acronyms and to make some other clarifications) can also be downloaded as a 745 KB PDF file from our site here. In June 2013 Dr Enis gave a updated version of the presentation at the Royal North Shore Hospital. A copy of the slides in that presentation can be downloaded from our web site here as a 276 KB PDF file or from here in a larger format as a 2.3 MB PDF file.

Healthy Eating and Prostate Cancer (2011). Kathy Chapman. Address to the Sydney Adventist Hospital Prostate Cancer Support Group by on 25 July 2011. Provided to us by the PCFA. Our review: This segment of the presentation on 25 July is by Kathy Chapman. Her talk is essentially about the standard Heart Healthy diet - 5 serves of vegetables and 2 serves of fruit each day with these and carbohydrates dominating the ration which should be low in fat and sugar. She recommends as many different types and colours of food as possible to ensure a good complement of antioxidants. Kathy indicates that there appears to be some benefit for prostate cancer patients from lycopene in cooked tomatoes and that the Ornish diet and lifestyle has been shown to lead to a reduction in PSA level. The presentation suffers from not being able to show the charts and the speaker simultaneously. The presentation is well done and Kathy answered audience questions knowledgeably.