Life after prostate cancer

Things Not to Ignore (2011). Professor Simon Willcock. Address to the Sydney Adventist Hospital Prostate Cancer Support Group by on 22 August 2011. Provided to us by the PCFA. Our review: Dr Willcock is a GP who spends a significant amount of time teaching medical students as well as working for the AMA and other medical groups. It is a good general overview of men‚ health with some reference to the specifics of prostate cancer. His talk covered the following major areas: (a) Closing the Gap - looking at the difference between male and female approaches to health and how to engage men more in the management of their own health. (b) The Burden of Disease - a discussion of the various ailments which afflict the population during the course of life. (c) Engagement Strategies - touching on how GPs can best accommodate the differences between patient types. (d) BASIC - an acronym for Body, Affect, Social, Intellect, Cosmos. He uses this to discuss health in the broadest sense, that is, not simply restricted to physical aspects. An engaging speaker. The DVD is interesting and easy to watch, although it is rather short on specifics for prostate cancer.

Life after Prostate Cancer (2011). Professor Suzanne Chambers. Address to the Sydney Adventist Hospital Prostate Cancer Support Group by on 12 September 2011. DVD Provided by the PCFA. Our review: Professor Chambers has a good practical and academic background on the subject, being a former nurse and now a psychologist and academic. It is very easy to understand what she is saying and to relate to the issues she discusses. The talk addresses issues for both the individual with cancer and carers. The talk provided a framework to help deal with and understand cancer, dealing with common experiences resulting from prostate cancer treatment and the challenges to be faced. A valid point made is that: "There is no Rule Book!". The presenter uses PowerPoint slides to highlight the main points and these are difficult to read unless you pause the video. The question and answer section at the end has very poor sound quality.