Recent reviews, reports and research about relationship between exercise and incidence of or recurrence of prostate cancer

In a Cancernetwork Oncology article dated 18 June 2013 Dr Dawn Lemanne et al report on their review of research studies that examine the relationship between exercise and cancer prevention, treatment, recovery and mortality. Their abstract states: "An informal review of literature on exercise and cancer was undertaken in order to examine the role of exercise in cancer prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and late survivorship. Population- wide studies show that cancer incidence decreases with increasing physical activity levels. Exercise can decrease the side effects of anticancer therapy, and can aid in recovery and rehabilitation following chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Observational studies of breast, colon, and prostate cancer survivors show robust associations between postdiagnosis exercise and decreased cancer-specific mortality. In addition, all-cause mortality in cancer survivors decreases with increasing amounts of exercise. The amount and intensity of exercise required to measure a survival benefit appear to vary by primary tumor type. Decreased breast cancer mortality is seen with the equivalent of 3 hours of walking per week, and decreased colon cancer mortality with 6 hours of walking per week. For these tumors, more vigorous exercise may not improve survival. However, after a prostate cancer diagnosis, more intense exercise is associated with superior survival when compared with walking. The mechanisms behind these differences remain to be elucidated. Further research is also needed to determine the various amounts and intensities of exercise required for optimum cancer prevention, recovery, and survival." The article is here:  

A press release dated May 2011 reports a research study that reported beneficial effects of exercise for prostate cancer. It is entitled “Brisk walking may help men with prostate cancer” and describes a research article authored by Erin L Richman et al. The press release can be downloaded from here.

A press release dated January 2011 reports a research study finding that there are beneficial effects of exercise in reducing risk of death from prostate cancer. The press release is entitled “Exercise may lower risk of death for men with prostate cancer” and describes a research article authored by Stacey A Kenfield et al. The press release can be downloaded from here