Reading, audiovisual materials and research

There are many print and audiovisual materials that you can read or look at to gain a better understanding about prostate health, diseases of the prostate and treatments for prostate cancer. We have provided information about a number of sources, documents, presentations, research and reports. Some materials are directly downloadable from our site.

The information in this section of the web site is arranged in these sub-sections:
    • Particularly informative documents (including books, booklets, brochures, pamphlets) and audiovisual materials such as DVDs and podcasts
    • Contemporary research and reports of particular interest
    • The Group's newsletter named ‘The Walnut
    • Our library of selected print and audiovisual materials which anyone can borrow.
    • Some other materials developed by the Group, including submissions, pamphlets and documents that inform about awareness presentations that we give.
    • Results of an attitude survey that we undertook in 2012 to assess members' views on the work and operation of the Group.
    • News sites that are good sources for news and research about prostate cancer.

    The Group (which includes its membership, its Committee, the editor of its newsletter and the manager of its web site) does not have the medical expertise to make informed evaluation of the conclusions and recommendations made in documents, audiovisuals, presentations, research and reports referred to on this web site. Such conclusions and recommendations have not been verified by the Group through appropriately qualified medical professionals. Such conclusions and recommendations may not be applicable in your particular case. Before accepting any of the conclusions or implementing any of such recommendations, it is essential that you obtain advice from appropriately qualified medical professionals. While information reported should be of interest, there is no substitute for getting informed medical advice from your own GP, specialists and other medical professionals.

    Our Group endorses the view of experts who maintain that no two prostate cancer cases are alike and that no single treatment option is better than any other in all cases.