Monthly meetings

Our regular monthly meetings are in the evening. The environment is very informal. Up to 30 people attend such meetings. At most meetings we have notable health experts give an address. Members bring us up to date on their status and on occasions members address the meeting telling us in detail about particular developments and treatments. After the formal part of the meeting we have supper and this enables more information to be exchanged and for interpersonal networking. Partners/carers are welcome and we always have a mix of men and women attening.

Here are some pics of taken at such meetings. Click on any of the thumbnails to see a larger version of the pic.
Al-sam members 1

Group members discuss matters after 21/9/2011 meeting

Al-sam members 2

More discussion after 21/9/2011 meeting

Al-sam pano 800

Incontinence treatment - Dr Ahmad Al-Sameraaii. 21/9/2011


Patrick Blackall (Independence Australia). 18/8/2010

Viv after meeting

Pizzas after the 17/11/2010 meeting.

Viv meeting

Vivienne Van Dissel - her Master's thesis. 17/11/2010

feb 2013 peter daley

Feb 2013 - Peter daley tells about his experiences.

feb 2013 roger allnutt

Feb 2013 - Roger Allnutt tells about his experiences.

feb 2013 terry bibo

Feb. 2013 meeting - Terry Bibo tells about sling and artificial sphincter


Urologist Dr Hodo Haxhimolla. 15/9/2010


Trevor Rodgers, Janenne Hamilton (Relationships Australia).16/6/2010

supper nov 2013 AC

Nov. 2013: Antonio Coelho (John Hayhoe in background)

supper nov 2013 C P

Nov. 2013: President Chris Hansen and Patricia Daley

supper nov 2013 J M

Nov. 2013 : more guys - John Stiebel and Malcolm Whyte

supper nov 2013 R M

Nov. 2013: Rosetta Coelho and Marcia Stiebel

supper nov 2013 guys

Nov. 2013 meeting. Some guys at supper after the meeting