Experts' talks

At our regular monthly meetings we usually manage to get health experts who have particular skills in matters relating to prostate cancer to address people attending. These talks are very informative and provide those attending the opportunity to ask the experts questions in an informal setting.

Here are some pictures taken at some such events. Click on any of the thumbnails to see a larger version of the pic.
2014_10 Tanya Maselli

Continence nurse and physiotherapist Tanya Maselli at October 2014 meeting

2014_06 Al-Sameraaii 640

Urologist Dr Al-Sameraaii at June 2014 monthly meeting

2014_05 Haxhimolla 640

Urologist Dr Haxhimolla at May 2014 monthly meeting

2014_02 Irmina Nahon 640

Assoc. Prof Irmina Nahon after address on incontinence at February 2014 meeting

2014_01 Patricia Jones 640

Patricia Jones of Patrician Health discussing Mindsets at Jan. 2014 meeting

shona Nov 2013

Chiropractor Dr Shona Hutchison at 20 Nov. 2013 meeting - discussing stress

shona and chris Nov 2013

Shona being thanked for her address by President Chris Hansen

hodo prostatectomy1

Urologist Dr Hahimolla at 16 October 2013 meeting - the 3 radical prostatectomy procedures

hodo prostatectomy2

President Chris Hansen thanks Dr Haxhimolla for his very informative address


Emily Wilford informs members about ASPREE trial. August 2013 meeting.

Emily and Peter

Peter Daley thanks Emily for her interesting presentation.

shona hutchison 1

Shona Hutchison informing group about chiropracty. June 2013 meeting.

shona hutchison 2

Shona with President Peter Daley after her talk

hodo penile implant

Urologist Dr Hahimolla at May 2013 meeting - recent developments including penile implants

hodo penile clough

Jim clough thanking Dr Haxhimolla for his informative talk

2013 Vivienne 1

Vivienne van Dissel - specialist nurse at The Canberra Hospital tells Jan. 2013 meeting about things at TCH.

2013 Vivienne 2

Vivienne discussing things with members after the meeting

2012_11 Larkin 1

David Larkin - nurse at The Canberra Hospital addresses Nov. 2012 meeting.

2012_11 Larkin 2

David providing information to Noelene and Neil Gentle after the meeting.


Dr Brandon Nguyen of The Canberra Hospital - HDR Brachytherapy. Aug. 2012

Nguyen Allnutt

Dr Nguyen discussing details about brachytherapy with Roger Allnut

Better Hearing Haydn Daw

Haydn Daw of Better Hearing Australia - hearing problems/solutions. July 2012

Boundy 1 2012_06_20

Jeff Boundy discussing treatment of erectile dysfunctioning. 20 June 2012.

Boundy 2 2012_06_20

Jeff giving more details to group members

Al-Sam 1 2012_05_16

Dr Ahmad Al-Sameraaii on Da Vinci system & Atoms sling. 16 May 2012

Al-Sam 2 2012_05_16

Dr Al-Sameraaii after the presentation, discussing details with group members


Prof. Chris Parrish discusses research into cancer therapeutics and vaccines

Parrish Daley

Prof. Parrish and Peter Daley after the address on 21 March 2012

Ben Rattray 640

Dr Ben Rattray addresses 18 Jan. 2012 meeting - topic: exercise

craft 1

Oncologist Dr Paul Craft presenting to 19 October 2011 meeting

craft 4

Dr Craft with members Malcolm Whyte and Jim Clough

Al-sam seated

Urologist Dr Ahmad Al-Sameraaii - treatment of incontinence 21/9/2011

Al-sam explaining

Dr Al-Sameraaii providing some details to two members

austen presentation

Radiation oncologist Dr Lynn Austen on brachytherapy - 20/7/2011

morson presentation

Fran Morson on ACT Health's prostatectomy ed. sessions - 17/6/2011


Dr Hodo Haxhimolla - robotic biopsies & urethral slings - 18/5/2011

Bill Caddey

Bill Caddey of National Heart Foundation on men's health - 16/3/2011


Dr Adrian Wright - a GP's perspective on prostate cancer - 16/2/2011


Dr Wright with Peter Daley after the 16/2/2011 discussion


Irmina Nahon - continence physiotherapist - on 19/1/2011


Irmina accepting gift from Peter Daley after her 19/1/2011 talk


Prostate cancer Nurse Viv Van Dissel with Peter Daley after 17/11/2010 talk


Megan Evans of ACT Palliative Care Society on 20/10/2010


Megan Evans with Peter Daley's gift of Big Blokes' Red


Peter Daley thanks Dr Haxhimolla for talk in September 2010


Peter Daley with radiologist Dr David McKenna in May 2010.

04 Peter Daley Rachael Bilton

Peter Daley with specialist prostate nurse Rachel Bilton in May 2009