Peter Daley's story


At the 20 February 2013 monthly meeting of the group Peter Daley gave a short presentation about his history with prostate cancer. Peter informed members about the diagnosis of prostate cancer in late 2005 when a biopsy indicated a Gleason score of 9. In early 2006 he had a radical prostatectomy. However, analysis of excised material indicated traces of cancer in the margins and in the seminal vesicles. In December 2006 he commenced EBRT (External Beam Radiation Therapy) - 32 sessions over 7 weeks. Peter provided informative details about EBRT. Rising levels of PSA soon his EBRT after led to ADT (Androgen Deprivation Therapy) in August 2007 and he has had repeat ADT about every 12 months subsequently. Peter indicated that it is common for there to be side effects from EBRT, one of which he experiences - fatigue.

A copy of the slides that Peter used in his presentation can be downloaded
from here as a 4 KB PDF file.