Terry Bibo's story

At the 20 February 2013 monthly meeting of the group Terry Bibo gave a short presentation about his history with prostate cancer. Terry informed the group about incontinence that persisted for 18 months after a radical prostatectomy. He then had a sling inserted and that worked very well for four years, but then failed. A cystoscopy indicated that the sling had eroded and collapsed and was not remediable. It was removed. After recovery from that operation he had a urethral sphincter installed. It was "activated" after 6 weeks. Since then it has functioned satisfactorily, with nil incontinence. Terry indicated that given a choice between a sling (if it performs properly and does not deteriorate) and an artificial sphincter, he would choose the sling.

A copy of the slides that Terry used in his presentation can be downloaded
from here as a 4 KB PDF file.